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Robin H. Eklund

Position: Owner of Revivals Boutique

Career Background: More than 40 years in the Fashion Industry, Fashion Institute Graduate with a Degree in Buying and Merchandising.

Previous Employment: New York Garment Center Coat and Suit Buyer, Belt Designer; Managing a Women's Mainline Clothing Boutique

Passions: The women who I have been fortunate to meet inspire me. They have allowed me to unleash my passion for styling out on them.

Favorite Hobby: Flea Marketing. I love treasure hunting.

Favorite Fashion Motto: "There's nothing sexier in a women than a sense of humor, be confident in your own skin and don't take life too seriously." - Audrey Hepburn

Moment You Knew You Found Your Calling in Life: The first time I walked into Bloomingdales NYC , circa 1976 and I was overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of the environment. At that moment I knew that I wanted to be part of the fashion industry.

What Your Friends Say: Just give Robin the facts and she can style anyone for any occasion.

Favorite Aspect of Your Career: Revivals Boutique is a love affair that still fascinates, mesmerizes and forever takes my breath away.

Strengths: Understanding my clients needs.

An Interesting Fact Most People Don't Know About Me: I have a passion for Vintage Furniture and Home Décor.



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