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Buying at our a consignment store offers you thrifty fashion shoppers a wonderful way to extend your buying dollars. If you have expensive taste and like to fill your closet with top designer clothing, and don't like to pay retail, then shopping resale will be a nice surprise for you.

Imagine getting a Chanel Suit for $1,500.00! You may feel like a million dollars in it every time you have an opportunity to wear it. When shopping at Revivals, you have the advantage of giving the item you are purchasing a thorough examination.

Revivals Consignment Boutique has very tough standards of what merchandise we sell in our stores. Don't be shy about asking for more details if there is something that has piqued your interest. We have been personal stylists for many years with many different styles and fashions. Please ask us if you would like assistance, have a specific question, or even if you would like to just learn about fabrics, fashion and industry trends. We are here to guide you to help you look your best.

With our 27 years reputable service in the Philadelphia area, 
and customer service are guaranteed 
by Revivals Consignment Boutique.

Let Revivals Boutique StylistsDress You

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